Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Employment And Volunteer Opportunities



Firefighter/ Paramedic

East Grays Harbor Fire And Rescue is currently testing for Paramedic Firefighters 

Grays Harbor Fire District 5 has plenty of opportunities for those wanting to enter the field of becoming a career firefighter and paramedic or if you are looking to transfer from one agency to another.  We also have the lifetime rewarding volunteer positions that serve the community in times of need.

Fire District 5 has the following opportunities available for volunteering

  • Traditional On Call From Home Volunteers
  • Resident Shift Volunteers (these volunteers can reside in the district or out of district and do 3 12 hour shifts a month)
  • EMS Responders - Training available 
  • Firefighters - Training available 
  • Support Positions - Sometimes there comes a time where you may not fit into a firefighter or EMS category but can bring something to the district as a support team member.  These positions are done as an as-needed case. 

Volunteer positions with Fire District 5 can be from the already experienced EMT, Firefighter, Emergency Responder or it can be for the person that has no experience at all.  While there has been a lot of shift towards career staff in many agencies the volunteers still remain a core part of Fire District 5.  

In 2020 Grays Harbor Fire District 5 will be allowing and setting up an EMS only volunteer division where volunteers wanting to work with the medical side of our agency only as opposed to also doing firefighting can do so.  EMS only volunteers will help with EMS calls, Transports from facility to facility and all other medical response type calls.  Volunteers doing EMS transports and calls receive a per call/transport paid-call stipend 

Out of district volunteers must reside within 45 minutes' drive from the district boundaries and may be required to work shifts in the volunteer shift resident program.