Staff Spotlight

Grays Harbor Fire District 5 takes pride in its staff both career and volunteer.  These men and women that serve the fire district are the core of our community.  This page is dedicated to highlighting our staff members and showing the community who we are.

Stephanie Criess

May 8th, 2021
Stephanie comes from West Mason Fire where she served as an EMT Advance and Firefighter and had previously been Firefighter Medic with North Mason back in 2017.
Among Stepanies' previous experience she has served as a Deputy Coroner with Kitsap County and currently teaches Medic and EMT courses at Tacoma Community College. She Has been a certified Medic for the last 4 years, an EMT Advance with North Mason for 4 years before becoming a paramedic.

One of the goals she has is that she would really love to become an SCI (lead instructor for EMS and Paramedic courses) and to have more opportunities to teach. Through all of her classes, she loved the passion her former instructors had and the way they taught classes with feeling. She wants to be that person that can inspire others in the learning process of helping their community.

Leighton Wright

April 9th, 2021
Leighton Wright is a 2003 Hoquiam graduate who started in the fire service as a volunteer firefighter/first responder with Grays Harbor Fire District 7 (Copalis Beach) where he later gained his EMT certification.  In 2010 Leighton joined Grays Harbor Fire District 5 as a volunteer firefighter EMT.  Leighton was one of the district's first part-time employees as a firefighter EMT in 2017 when we started that program. 

Leighton has been a positive influence for both career staff members and volunteers alike.  He was just recently hired in January 2021 as our second full-time Firefighter/EMT Paramedic Student. He will start his paramedic schooling in September of this year.  

As a volunteer, Leighton loved working event standbys such as the car races, fair and other events working with the public.  He has that down-to-earth personality that others just enjoy being around. Being that down-to-earth person is what he likes to be for his patients as well.  He wants them to always feel comfortable and safe with him. 

Other responsibilities that Leighton has taken on in the past with the district is fire investigations, SCBA Maintenance, Vehicle Maintenance, and CPR Training Instructor.

Kaila Bentow

February 3rd 2021

Meet Kaila Bentow, Grays Harbor Fire District 5's newest Firefighter/EMT Paramedic Student. While Kaila has been with District 5 for a while she was just recently hired to the new position of FF/EMT/Medic Student. Kaila a 2013 High School Graduate has been an EMT/Firefighter as a volunteer with the district since 2015. In 2017 she was one of the first hires to the part-time Firefighter EMT positions with the district. She is currently going through the paramedic program and serves with the district doing public education as one of her additional responsibilities. Kaila hopes to get her bachelor's in paramedicine or fire science and continue to do fire public education. One of the highlights of her career thus far is working with the public in outreach programs such as National Night Out Against Crime, Elementry School education, and working alongside other agencies like the Elma Police Department. 
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